Lake Michigan Forum Mercury Dialogue

part of the Lake Michigan Forum Mercury Dialogue initiative.
Watershed: Lake Michigan
Project Lead / Organization: Delta Institute

The purpose of the Mercury Dialogue is to exchange information and inform Forum members about the activities that are addressing mercury issues in the Lake Michigan Basin. It is intended to be an open discussion about mercury initiatives in the Basin rather than a debate about the state of mercury science or policy. Meeting objectives include:

  • Educate and/or update the Lake Michigan Forum and meeting attendees about ongoing mercury initiatives in the Basin;
  • Exchange information about mercury initiatives and policy; and,
  • Identify possible roles the Lake Michigan Forum regarding mercury initiatives in the Basin.

This purpose of this Background Paper is to provide the Lake Michigan Forum and meeting attendees with a baseline level of information about ongoing mercury initiatives in the Basin as well as provide context for discussions about possible roles for the Forum on this issue. The background paper is not intended to be a comprehensive overview of mercury science, policy, and programs but simply a start to further discussions between the Forum and stakeholders on the issue.

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