Lake Michigan Biodiversity Conservation Strategy

The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and Michigan Natural Features Inventory, working with a broad network of scientists, natural resource professionals, agency staff, and non-profit colleagues, will articulate action agendas for the rehabilitation, restoration, and conservation of the native biodiversity and ecosystem function of Great Lakes Erie and Michigan. TNC will employ a well established conservation planning process developed by The Nature Conservancy and utilized in previous efforts for Lakes Ontario and Huron, and will draw upon the collective expertise of experts from seven of the eight Great Lakes states and the province of Ontario.

In generating blueprints for biodiversity conservation in both lakes, TNC will emphasize the integration and synthesis of existing information, drawing on experts (many, if not all of whom have been involved in developing existing plans and reports) to review and improve the products, rather than create them anew. TNC anticipates that these blueprints will facilitate collaborative action among diverse and widespread partners, providing a common vision for conservation of these two Great Lakes.

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