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A year of abundance for Minnesota's trails, parks

Oct 31, 2014 8:05:50 AM
The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources spent more than $8 million building new projects or rehabbing old ones this construction season, including new cabins, trails and even a handful of yurts with wood burning stoves.

EDITORIAL: Cheaper fishing licenses are smart lure

Oct 31, 2014 8:05:50 AM
Steelhead fishing, which is at its height in October and November, pumps about $10 million into the Erie County, Pa., economy. Discounted fishing license fees are a good idea for the region.

COMMENTARY: Some people have to think about their water every day

Oct 31, 2014 8:05:50 AM
Climate change requires that Canadians change how we think about water. Weather and water scientists are scratching their heads as precipitation patterns shift, and we prepare for conditions we may not have seen in our lifetime.

Giant waves in Lake Michigan forecast send surfers, beach-watchers to the Southwest Michigan shore

Oct 31, 2014 8:05:50 AM
A forecast of waves up to 23 feet high on southern Lake Michigan came with a warning that lake watchers might want to enjoy the show from the safety of their cars.

A peer-to-peer network offering strategies and tactics for improving lake quality.

From the academy

Lake Michigan Water Trail Final Report and Maps

Development of the 450-mile Lake Michigan Water Trail inventory now complete; maps and reports available.

Series of Workshops Focus on Building Climate Planning Capacity in Great Lakes Region

Next workshop will be held in Green Bay, Wisconsin at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay on September 13, 2011.

New Great Lakes Seaway Trail Sustainable Byway Planning Webinars Preview in Niagara Falls September 16 (Press Release)

Great Lakes Seaway Trail will preview its new Seaway Trail Sustainable Byway Planning Webinars on Sept 16, 2011